Band Bio
BYZANTINE BLUE is a complex synthesis of modern rock arrangements, creative rhythms and emotionally charged melodies. Band was formed in Vancouver BC in the summer 2011 with Velibor Gajić on the guitar, Ned Stojaković on the drums and Boris Lepojević on the bass. From the early days BB developed heavy rock fusion sound based on odd rhythmic patterns and Eastern European Ethno music. In their live shows BB is often joined by guest musicians playing more traditional instruments (Dragan Marković - accordion, Demiran Ćerimović - trumpet, Eliot Vaughan - violin, Jonnine Mahonen - trumpet, Luke Moore clarinet and sometimes entire brass orchestra Šljivovica) which adds to the idea of blending eastern and western style of music and creates unique experience for the audience. Byzantine Blue released 6 songs EP in summer 2014 and it is available on band's website, music store on bend's facebook (, as well as CD Baby and iTunes.ion In 2016 after a couple of lineup changes, Scott M. Archibald (studied music at Selkirk College and VCC) joined the band on the bass and double bass and fantastic vocalist Martina Govednik (Mezzo- Soprano at Vancouver Opera who studied Voice Performance at McGill University) on vocals. With this new lineup in January 2018 Byzantine Blue released their second CD called Byzantine Blue lI currently available on CD Baby and i Tunes. Byzantine Blue performed numerous shows and festivals around Vancouver area. Just to name a few: Surrey Fusion Festival, Burnaby European Festival, Vancouver Serbian Days Festival. In 2015 Byzantine Blue performed at Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle headlining Balkan Misfits Party show.
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